Sunday, 8 February 2015

Colonization 2v2 Hints'n'Tips

Otherwise known as Colony 3 Co-Op, this mission involves two teams of two players working together: one player on each time controls the engineers who must create and equip clones, and the other player controls the clones.

The engineers create clones by dismantling walls and, ideally, enemy installations, to create their own installations.  There are various kinds of installation, but the main two are Clone Generators and Gun Generators, both of which are required to build and equip an army.

Here's some tips for the Engineers player:

* Don't waste any APs.  If you only have, say, 14 APs left (and it costs 15 to dismantle an installation), position your engineer in the best place so they can dismantle on their next turn.

* Build clones as soon as possible.  I've lost count how many times I've lost because I've been building up Resource Points, only to get killed when the enemy made a sneak attack.

* Avoid immediate rocket attacks.  These can be deadly.  It's easy to assume that at the start of the game you're safe, but your opponent may have decided to spend all their creds on rockets in order to kill you before you've even thought about attacking.

* Ensure your clones are armed.  Nothing is more frustrating for the clone player than to have loads of clones but no weapons for them.  All they can do is stand around waiting for a gun.  As a rule of thumb, have one gun generator for each clone generator.  Ammo can run out quickly once the battle really starts.

* Bide your time.  If you can't get to any blocks at the moment, wait until the coast is clear.  A stuck engineer is better than a dead engineer.

Here's some tips for the Clones player:-

* It's your job to defend as well as attack, so make sure there's no enemy units trying to walk around the back of your base.

* Make sure there's a safe route for the engineers to get to walls they can dismantle.  The losing side is probably decided by which side gets their engineers killed first, but equally so, and engineer is useless if they can't get to walls to dismantle.

* Don't dismantle enemy installations if they could be dismantled by your engineers.    Clones don't gain any resource points for dismantling anything.  If you want to prevent an enemy clone generator from working, leave one of your clones stood on it.