Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Full Version Available for Free!

Announcing the following special offer!  If you write a few paragraphs about Stellar Forces on a public website, e.g. blog or review site, then I will fully refund your payment for the full version of Stellar Forces.

All you need to do is send me the link to the website page, and I'll refund the full cost. It should be a proper website and at least a couple of paragraphs (i.e. not just the word 'Stellar Forces'). This offer is extended not only for new players, but anyone who's ever bought the full version at any time in history.

The age of the site, content (as long as its not illegal), popularity, traffic aren't a problem. It can be a brand new site, though it should be permanent (as much as anything can be permanent on the web) with a proper domain name.  Obviously a Google Play review or a Tweet doesn't count, though is very much appreciated!