Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stellar Forces: More Grenade Shenanigans

This time the grenades were not on my side...

As you can make out from the scanner view below, there are only 3 units left alive in this mission, and my last two units must defend the central computer from the last remaining enemy unit. I know he's in the top-right room somewhere as he's just killed one of my other units in there. My unit at the bottom is wounded and thus too slow to make it to the top room.

The only way to be certain is a grenade! So my unit walks out the central room where he was positioned, manages to survive a laser blast, and throws the grenade. Only one grenade (of course).

"So Steve", I hear you ask. "Why were there 3 explosions, one of which engulfs the central computer that you're supposed to be protecting? Did it not go to plan?" Of course not. The first grenade set off a chain reaction of two other grenades. Since my unit had left the door to the computer room open, the blast from the last grenade hit the computer. Defeat was served cold (or something) and my unit was given early retirement.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Stellar Forces: Chain Reaction Grenade Frenzy Attack!

Thanks to the 'chain reaction' feature of Stellar Forces, where exploding grenades cause other grenades in the explosion range to also explode, I managed to win this game of The Assassins after only two turns. The final 'Strategic Scanner' view of the map looked like this:-

I think I can make out about 7 explosions in all, killing all 6 of my opponents closely-bunched units. The forces of good have triumphed again!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Stellar Forces: The Awful Truth

After playing over 240 missions in Stellar Forces, I have decided to face the awful truth: I am not actually very good at it. Between the 13th and the 17th of this month, I lost no less than 7 missions (and won zero).

Here's a few highlights.

In 'The Assassins: Outhouses' where I had to kill Sterner, Monkey proved the adage "attack is the best form of defence" by grenading 3 of my units into oblivion in the first 2 turns. He's the one that's supposed to be hiding! (or so my thinking went).

In 'Prison Mutiny', my prison guards were so busy covering all the expected escape routes that the prisoners might take, that I forgot they could blow a hole through the walls and create a new exit. Which they did, leaving me looking like I couldn't organise a booze-up in a brewery.

In 'Defend the Base', Victor concentrated all his attack forces on one side of the base. Needless to say he broke through my useless bunch of an-excuse-for-soldiers and lobbed in a couple of grenades. The first one blew the doors of the computer room apart and the second destroyed the computer. Victor was the victor.

Maybe more practise is in order. Or a cheat mode... ;)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Stellar Forces: 'Intermediate Mission Playback'

With such a snappy name it must be a snappy new feature I hear you exclaim!

Following on from the Mission Playback feature in Stellar Forces, where you could view the whole mission once it was finished, it is now possible to view a playback of any of your current missions up to its current stage.

Of course, the main difference between this and the original playback feature is that you are only shown what your units actually saw. Which is nice.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Stellar Forces: Undercover Agents

They said it couldn't be done, but Stellar Forces continues to push the limits of turn-based squad-level multi-player strategy games!

The latest new features is what I've logically called 'Undercover Agents'. The mission starts of normally enough, but if an undercover agent is involved, then at any time, one of your units could suddenly reveal themselves to be under the control of your opponent, thus causing you to radically rethink your plan and kill the agent.

Obviously this new feature is kept under control. The mission is balanced to ensure that the side with the agent doesn't have too much of an advantage, and at the moment a squad only has one agent, to prevent a bloodbath.

Let battle commence!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A happy new year to all Stellar Forces players; past, present and (of course) future.

I hope Stellar Forces keeps growing in 2011 as well as it has in 2010: There are currently 34 games being played, there are now over 50 missions available, and we've just tipped past the 800th game!

I've also received my first donation from all-round top player Deadlime. It's not enough for me to retire on, but should buy enough chocolate to keep the trouble-and-strife happy while I spend too much time on the computer adding more and more features to the game.