Monday, 20 December 2010

Stellar Forces: Mission Roundup

There has been quite a few new missions added to Stellar Forces, so here's a quick roundup with my patented "in-a-nutshell" mission descriptions:

Denunciation: (Kindly created by Deadline (Linden Clarke) Like "The Assassins" mission, except both sides have a target that must be killed.

Alien: (Kindly created by Deadline (Linden Clarke) A recreation of the classic film. The crew must activate the self destruct and escape, whilst avoiding the seemingly all-seeing alien.

Sniper's Paradise: (Kindly created by Pedro Casaca) Two sides face each other across a barren landscape. Sniping is the order of the day unless anyone is brave enough to make a run for it.

Egg Collector: (I do actually create some missions myself) Four sides must race to collect the most alien eggs which are all concentrated in the centre of the complex.

Egg Hunt: (Kindly created by Deadline (Linden Clarke) Two sides battle to be the first to collect and alien egg and escape with it. Of course, the aliens themselves are unlikely to let this happen easily...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Stellar Forces: In Space No-One Can Hear You Scream....

...when you've primed a grenade to go off but forgotton to throw it.

But seriously, thanks to Deadlime (Linden Clarke, the seemingly perpetually top player) it's now possible to recreate said screaming in the new Alien mission. One player takes control of the under-equipped crew of the Nostromo who must initiate the self-destruct mechanism before escaping, and the other player controls the alien, who must do what comes naturally and eat all the humans.

Coming soon... Aliens! Probably.