Friday, 30 July 2010

Stellar Forces: Latest News

A few bits of news: Firstly, I've now acquired a static IP address, so Stellar Forces now has a proper domain name and doesn't have to mess about redirecting to Dynamic DNS's.

Secondly, after what seems like an eternity, Deadlime is no longer the top player, having been relegated to second place by Monkey with 40 points to 34! (As of the time of writing anyway).

And finally, a new version of the client has been released: 1.26. Only a few minor tweaks (and the obligatory batch of bug-fixes) like being able to un-use the current piece of equipment. See the Stellar Forces page for full details.

If you think you'd enjoy a relaxed take-your-turn-when-you-want-to turn-based strategy game, why not give it a go?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stellar Forces: New Missions

Since the last update on this blog, 3 new missions have been added to Stellar Forces:

Capture the Flag & 4-Player Capture the Flag
The classic game mode that is in every other multi-player game ever, now has its best incarnation in Stellar Forces. It surely needs no introduction, suffice to say that the idea is that each side capture the flag that is in the centre of the map and must bring it back to their side to win.

3-Player Moonbase Assault
A classic twist on the classic Laser Squad mission: this time, there are two groups of attackers trying to be the one that destroys the most computers, while the defenders are stuck in the middle trying to protect them (or let the attackers kill each other while they keep out the way!).

The client has also had several updates and is now on version 1.27. If you're running an older version, upgrade now!