Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Creating Custom Missions

Creating a custom mission for Stellar Forces couldn't be easier:-
  1. Identify an existing mission that is the most similar to what you intend to create (i.e. uses the same kind of textures and scenery).
  2. Download the mission map for that mission from Make sure you download the ”.odt” file, not the ”.csv” file.
  3. Edit the file to your own map specifications. The codes used should be fairly obvious, and everything is colour coded.
  4. Download the units file from and add a row for each unit in your mission.
  5. Send both the edited files to me (see the contact details on the website) along with the following information: how many credits per side, how many turns, who wins when the turns expire, and whether the walls are destroyable.
That's all there is to it. I'll then add the mission to the list and everyone else can enjoy your new creation!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Stellar Forces: New Missions Frenzy

Stellar Forces has 4 new missions awaiting release:-

3-Player Assassins
This is a twist on the classic Laser Squad mission The Assassins, and as the name implies, it is a 3-player version. Sterner Regnix and his gang must try and fend off attacks from two assassin squads, or can they try and play off the two enemies against each other?

Battle for Sigma 7
This will be uploaded tonight after extensive testing (as always). Two small armies must battle it out across a barren landscape.

Prison Mutiny
There has been a mutiny in the underground high security prison of AmpliNova. Each of the escapees has a copy of the plans for a new chemical weapon. All it would take is for one of the prisoners to escape for millions to die. The prisoners must be killed! (This mission was created by player PCasaca and is currently being playtested).

Laboratory Attack
Marsec Corporation Scientists are developing new defensive weapons including undetectable Laser Trip Wires and Land Mines. Now with their leader Sterner Regnix on the run, the Laser Squad have launched an offensive attack on their laboratory complex. All Scientists and Computers must be destroyed! (This mission was created by player Deadlime and is currently being playtested).

Thanks to both PCasaca and Deadlime for creating new missions. If anyone else would like to create their own mission, the simple instructions on how to do this can be found on the Stellar Forces Wiki.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stellar Forces: Gameplay Video

Many thanks to Krogot for creating this, though he never told me and I've just stumbled upon it! It's a short gameplay video of Stellar Forces. Just like the real thing, it's a bit dark, but should give a good idea of the gameplay.

Also, there's a new version of the client released today: 1.17.