Monday, 29 March 2010

Stellar Forces: Ménage à trois!

The title says it all. Or rather the title says rather more than that, and may be giving the wrong idea about this game.

What I'm trying to say is, Stellar Forces is now taking strategy games into new territory, and has it's first 3-player mission! It's a simple affair that I knocked up to test the concept, but so far so good!

And if this works, who knows what next? I do, and it will be 4-player missions. So there.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Stellar Forces: Spot the Difference?

Okay, it's only a small change, but when you're coding procedurally generated the 3D by hand, every little successful change is a victory! And for such a small change, I think it improves the look considerably.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Stellat Forces: Door Tactics

Doors can a real issue. You just know that right behind it is an enemy unit waiting to stick his laser pistol in your face the moment you step through. But there's no other way to proceed! Or is there?

Here's my list of available options to handling doors with the minimum of death:-

This is the obvious option and works very well, but takes a bit of time to set up and also uses up a grenade. Simply drop (or throw if your feeling lucky) a grenade next to the door. Once it goes off, the door will be no more.

Advanced tip: time the grenade to go off at the end of your opponent's turn, so you get to move in straight afterwards.

Needless to say, don't stand too close when the grenade goes off! I like to have a few snipers stood well back ready to pick off any units that become visible.

Super-Heavy Armour
Super heavy armour is pretty much exactly as it sounds - it's very heavy, so it slows a unit down considerably, but it does afford a 40-point protection, meaning they will stand a much better chance when staring down the barrel of a gun. Use a unit wearing S.H.A. to open the door and check for enemy units immediately behind it. Once the coast is clear, let a more agile unit investigate further.

Force of Numbers
Your final option is sheer force of numbers. Line up all your units outside, let the first one take the hit, and then pile in! Usually works eventually, but can lead to lots of death, especially if there are multiple enemy units covering the door with lots of overwatch points!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Stellar Forces: Now with less beta!

I've finally decided to bump the version number of the client all the way up to 1.01, since it stopped being "beta" weeks ago and is now a fully fledged feature-complete game. This new latest version has the following features:
  • New equipment: Death Grenades.
  • A unit's health is shown on the stats bar.
  • A shot's accuracy is always adjusted by a random fractional amount.
  • Added 2 more sound effects.
  • Reduced the potential throwing innaccuracy.
  • A lot of the weapon and equipment prices have been recalculated.
  • When deploying, the map shows the enemy's deployment squares as well as your own.
There's also a new mission by the name of "Moonbase Assault 2", which is very similar to Moonbase Assault 1, except that both sides now have a moonbase with computers to be destroyed. This means that delicate strategic decisions need to be made: how many men do you send out to attack the enemy's moonbase, and how many you keep back to defend your own?

Frankly, the biggest problem I had with this mission is trying to think of a contrived storyline as to why two enemy's would build moonbases right next to each other! Any suggestion gratefully accepted.