Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stellar Forces: New Client 0.56

New client 0.56 has just been released with the following features:-

* Implemented the original Laser Squad shooting algorythm (with a few minor tweaks).
* Added Rocket Launchers.
* Added sound effects.

That's right, you can now play The Assassins mission with the classic tactic of blowing the whole building away!

Should I increase the version number to > 1? The Stellar Forces client is still on v0.56 because I started on v0.1 or something, since the first version is usually full of bugs, and then just add 0.01 each time. However, it's been pretty much bug-free and complete for as long as I can remember, so I was wondering if having a version number < 1 was putting people of by making them assume it's unfinished? All I'm doing now is adding snazzy features and more equipment, so the v1 tag would be fully justified.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Stellar Forces: Victor no longer the Victor

Since Stellar Forces started having a league table, the player named "Victor" has been at the top - until yesterday! He was finally usurped from his position by "1980-20..". Actually, they are both on joint first place, but "1980-20.." is probably first because I put them in alphabetical order if it's a points tie.

Talking about the Stellar Forces website, what the site really needs is some graphics, maybe depicting scenes from various missions. If anyone is able to do this it would be very much appreciated.

Finally, there's a new mission and new client about to be released, but I'll say more about that when it actually happens.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Stellar Forces: Mission Ideas

I've got quite a few ideas for some more interesting missions in Stellar Forces, but they need a bit of developing. Here's a bit of a brain-dump:-

* One side starts with no weapons, and must avoid the enemy until they can get to a stash on the other side of the map.
* A mission where one unit is an undercover enemy that can be activated by the opposing side at some point.
* A mission where both sides must search for something
* Crash site mission - One side must rescue the survivors of a shuttle crash, who are defenceless and must avoid the enemy until the rescuers can arrive.
* Escort hostage mission: (I think this one could be quite good, but needs some work) One side must escort a hostage to the other side of the map. The hostage is under the control of the opposing player, who also has a team that must rescue the hostage. I just need to find some gameplay device so that the players are co-erced to react just like they would in a real situation. i.e. not sacrifice the hostage.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Stellar Forces Consolidated Update

Stellar Forces development continues unabated, stopping only to actually take my turn in one of the various games I'm losing in.

Here's all the major tweaks since the last update:-

* Users can now subscribe to forum topics.
* Players can now show their website address in their public page.
* Each game is now automatically given its own sub-forum.
* Added a Miscellaneous Statistics page.
* Now shows the armour details on the armour buying page.
* Armour protection is now reduced if the attack is from the sides or rear.
* There are now small explosions wherever bullets hit a target.
* And last ut not least, a new mission: Rescue from the Mines.

The current "most voted for new feature" is to improve the GUI when equipping units. That is going to be no small task, but I'll get round to it eventually. I promise!